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What is Roadwe?

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Since the invention of paper, mankind has left no stone unturned in using papers for their every communication related purposes be it sending a message, writing religious books, spreading propaganda etc.

Talking about the modern period, for more than two centuries, paper was/is the primary way used by businesses owners and managers to communicate with their workers.

From guides, work orders, reports, accounts, schedules to certificates, all are printed out and its copies are physically distributed across the workforce.

The road transport industry too is mostly dominated by paperwork wherein paper is used to draft documents, register logistics details, and record all transit activities.

Such a document is Bilty, a bilty is a lorry receipt and a consignment note that is issued by the logistics company or any packers/movers firm providing transportation services from one location to another.

It’s a document that is prepared by the transport firm or the consignor at the time of loading of goods in the vehicle. Bilty also acts as an undertaking that only at the determined location the delivery of the consignment will be made.

The consignor has to make 3-4 copies of the bilty that comprise print copies of – consignee, driver, consigner, and file copy.

In this blog of Roadwe, let’s get to know about what is Roadwe and how it helps transporters in creating amazing digital bilty, Loading invoice, and LR.

But first let’s have a look on The hassles of paperwork.

The hassles of paperwork

Like any other industry, the road transport industry too faces many issues relating to managing bundles and heaps of paperwork. There is also a lot of paper wastage, difficulty in tracking previous data and past transactions.

Some more major drawbacks of road transport companies using paper-based solutions are-

Diminished Productivity

There is a lot of inefficiency in traditional paper approach as one needs to manually process information in the paperwork and has manage it properly as it is physically ‘shuffled’ across an organization.

Too much Printing involved

As road transport is a field service sector, it requires many documents to be printed for each scheduled task. Also there are multiple forms, worksheets, and certificates that might be needed for that particular transport task.

And the more paperwork is created and printed, the more a transporter/transport company has to create space to securely store all of this information.

Extensive paperwork also requires the administrative time and resources needed to manually manage huge amounts of documents.

Reputational damage

A transport business’s reputation is critically important for its competitiveness in its field services.

Business reputation is the trust and reliance that your customers, as well as clients, have in your ability to deliver what you assure. It is incredibly hard to achieve and too easy to lose.

A business having a paper-based management setup will always struggle to keep up with its customers’ and clients’ expectations.

Practices rooted in paper-based management setup result in slower processes, increase in administrative resources and are prone to risk of inefficiency – documents being lost, handwritten notes being misread and paperwork incomplete.

Time to change

With now the entire world is getting digitalized, we need to reevaluate the efficiency paper-based management and opt for seamless and hassle-free digital options.

Just like Roadwe!

Roadwe- Transport Ka Apna Bilty/LR Book

Create clean and beautiful looking transport Bilty, LR, Loading Invoice, and send to anyone right from any device, be it phone or desktop with Roadwe – an online transport bilty maker, LR or Loading invoice maker. It is a mobile application that’s available to download from Google Play Store.

With Roadwe you can effectively and seamlessly manage your bilty book, find your right bilty within seconds with its advanced search and get confirmation of delivery from consignee or receiving party in seconds by sharing receiving signature link.

With Roadwe you can >>

  • Create and send your digital Bilty across all your transporters, clients and drivers via Whatsapp or Mail.
  • Create and send ‘Loading Parchi’ with your associated stakeholders.
  • Get consultation from reliable RTO agent the moment you need it.
  • Check, manage, and edit bilty in seconds.
  • It saves your time & money both.
  • Obtain third-party receiving in a click.

The essential features Roadwe includes-


Additional features include-

  • 24×7 Tech Support
  • Affordable Subscription Plans
  • Desktop and Mobile App
  • Direct Share
  • High End Data Security
  • Load Invoice Feature
  • Multi Account Login
  • Multiple Data Reports
  • Real time Data Sync
  • Receipt Acknowledgement

Take part in our digital revolution and make your work effortless and hassle-free with Roadwe.

Download the app from Play Store now.

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