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How to Create Transport Bilty Online For Free

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In today’s internet era, our generation wants everything in just a matter of seconds. Our system of functioning needs speed and efficiency to make the most use of time.

In case of transportation, the situation remains the same. One can’t imagine his/her life without transport. It has become the most important lifeline of every individual.

Transport effortlessly connects people to diverse places and makes their movement seamless. Not only transport helps in easy movement of people but also it assists in swift transportation of goods from one place to another.

Being an essential contributor to the economy, transport helps in the generation of large job opportunities for people and revenue to the government in the form of different taxes, transportation charges, and fees.

Amongst the oldest and widely used ways of transport is Road transportation. It helps you in delivering goods, freight and supplies from one place to another.

In the transport sector, especially in India, you’ll often hear the word ‘Bilty’. In this blog of Roadwe, we will help you understand what is it, how important a Bilty is and how to create transport Bilty online for free.

What is Bilty?

A lorry receipt, also known as “Bilti” in Hindi is a consignment note or receipt issued by the logistics company or any packers and movers firm offering services of transportation from one location to another.

Bilty is a document that is generated by the transport company or the consignor during loading of goods in the vehicle and it acts as an undertaking that the delivery will only be made of the consignment at the determined location.

The consignor makes 3-4 copies of this receipt that include copies of – consignee, driver, consigner, and file copy.

The Bilti holds following information such as –

  • Name and address of the transporter
  • Name of the consignee
  • Consignor’s Name (sender of the goods)
  • When the services of the transport company was booked
  • Names of place of origin as well as destination
  • Description of goods
  • Number of packages
  • Total weight
  • Freight charges

Since the Bilty is a piece of paper, companies working in logistics industry face many issues in managing bilty related work. Transport truck owners feel the need to simplify the bilty generation and managing process. Here are some more problems associated with it.

Problem with paper Bilty

Problem 1

Physical Bilty(s) creates a lot of paper wastage which in turn harms the environment

Problem 2

During the creation of a Bilty, a total of 4 paper copies are produced and send to multiple divisions, this wastes a lot of valuable time.

Problem 3

With paper Bilty(s), it is very difficult for transporters to manage previous data and track past transactions.

Solution: Create Transport Bilty Online For Free with Roadwe App.

Roadwe App, an online transport Bilty maker, LR and Loading invoice maker helps you create professional and beautiful looking transport Bilty, Lorry Receipt, Loading Invoice, and share with anyone from your phone or desktop.

With Roadwe you can manage your Bilty book, find the right Bilty in seconds with advanced search and share receiving signature link to get confirmation of delivery from receiving party or consignee.

Roadwe, transporter Bilty/lr/load advice creator makes the job easier of transporters and truck owners by offering them following solutions-

Solution 1

Bringing in digital solutions and mobile apps to minimize the use of paper Bilty.

Solution 2

Sending the 4 copies – created while making a Bilty, to multiple people instantly via mediums like WhatsApp or email to save time.

Solution 3

Setting up an online record of all previous and present Bilty(s) and tracking annual transactions instantly to seamlessly view/manage all Bilty related work.

We at Roadwe have set high standards in every facet of online bilty generation, and strive to keep raising the bar. With our extensive and secure in-app features that make transporter’s work simple and seamless.

Roadwe App is equipped with advanced Bilty/LR/Loading Invoice generation and modern sharing features that enable our consumers with crucial transportation and saving time/money.

Our app ensures transporters that they will get excellent-quality, prompt, and secure online Bilty generation, management and sharing services. Roadwe also helps you get consulted with RTO agent the moment you need it.

How to create online Bilty for free on Roadwe

Ensure that you’ve installed Roadwe on your device. To use Roadwe on your phone, go to Google Play Store- search Roadwe- tap install.

On desktop, visit and login with the same credentials – user id and password that you have used to log in to your app.

To join Roadwe and become one of the first digital transporters follow the following simple steps to get started –

  • Create a new account using your mobile number and choose your role to get registered.
  • Go to create the option ‘New Bilty’ and fill in your details to digitally create your professional and elegant-looking Bilty.
  • Go to ‘Create New Loading Parchi’ and make a Loading Parchi easily for your truck.
  • Click ‘More Options’ to be able to share your digital Bilty or Loading Parchi with anyone.
  • Send receiver signature file by WhatsApp or email to your parties and get receiving link in a click.
  • Go to RTO consultant tab to make your RTO work easy and get consulted with the nearest RTO consultant agent.

This way you can seamlessly create online bilty for free in just a matter of seconds.


Since the world is gearing towards becoming fully digital, it’s essential that the transport industry too keeps up to the ever-changing pace.

If you want to make your bilty/LR/Loading Invoice generation, management and sharing online and seamless; install Roadwe on your device and get started in making your work easier.

Find our app on Play Store.

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